Thank You!

Dear neighbor, 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue serving our district and our state in the Utah House of Representatives.

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Convention of States - History in the Making.

Historic! Game Changer! We CAN do this! This gives me real hope for our nation! These were just some of the comments from the Convention of States simulation I was elected to preside over this past September in Williamsburg, VA. 

To learn more about Article V, the Convention of States, & how you can help make this happen, go to

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This is What Representation Looks Like


Stopping the Insanity of Federal Debt

It’s no secret. Our federal government is addicted to overspending and debt. Do you have any idea how much the federal government overspends every second? Every minute? Every day? Every year?*

On October 6, 2016, I spoke to the State Financial Officers Foundation at their annual meeting, which was held in Chicago, Illinois. They asked me to share with them my legislative efforts in Utah to reduce our dependence on unsustainable federal funds.


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The System: A Broken Bicycle

Imagine you forgot your bicycle out in a dusty field for many years. When a friend asks if he can ride your bicycle, you tell him where to find it, but that it might need a “little” maintenance before he takes it out for a ride.

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New! Curriculum on Federalism ... Because We Can't Do What We Don't Know

Our unique governing system was designed like a tug o' war between state and national governments to provide the healthy tension between the two "as a double security to the rights of the people." This system is called federalism. Together with the separation of powers between the three branches of government, these are the two fundamental pillars that secure our peace and our right to pursue prosperity. Like a tug o' war, if nearly all the rope today is on the federal government side, it's not the federal government's fault that the states are not pulling their constitutional weight as the system requires. But, we can't expect state and local leaders to do what they don't know or have never been taught.

For this reason, on September 30, 2016, the Utah Commission on Federalism, which I chair, in connection with Utah Valley University's Center for Constitutional Studies, released our jointly developed Curriculum on Federalism. The development of this federalism curriculum stems from the HB120 legislation I passed in 2014 to help state and local government attorneys, officials, and citizens in general understand and exercise their rights, powers, and duty to defend and maintain our unique constitutional system.


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Knowledge and Courage

Many ask about my passion for the Transfer of Public Lands Act that I passed in 2012 (HB148). Here is an article that was published where I expressed in detail the principles of freedom that make the Transfer of Public Lands to all willing western states more than just a good's critical to our Republic. - Ken Ivory


Knowledge and Courage – Keys to the Transfer of Public Lands - Why The Difference?


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Ken Ivory explains Federalism at Breitbart

The subject of Federalism is one of the least understand subjects in America, and yet it is crucial to maintaining our well as to regaining the freedoms we have lost over the past several decades as people have allowed our fundamental rights to erode away. 

Please take the next 27 minutes to watch my presentation on Federalism at the Breitbart Conference held in New Hampshire earlier this Fall.  Then share it with your children, your family, your neighbors and friends, and encourage them to make sure that their elected officials understand the crucial role they play in preserving American Freedom. 



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