Principled Leadership Draws Unprincipled Enemies

They say in the Air Force, "When you are taking flak, you know you are over the target." The target during my service as your state representative has been to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, and secure the self-reliance, independence and statehood equality for our State.

I have been working tirelessly over the past six years to restore balance in what was designed to be a governing partnership between the state and federal governments. I have been advocating locally and national for 2/3rds of the States to apply for a Convention of States to propose amendments to the Constitution to reduce the size and scope of the federal government.  I have been leading out nationally to reduce the dependence of States on "unsustainable" federal funding that comprises the largest part of our Utah state budget.


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Financial Ready Utah

Financial Ready Utah (and related) Package of Bills:

About Financial Ready Utah

Financial Ready Utah was created by Utah’s CPA community, chambers of commerce, state legislators, community leaders, educators and others who are invested in taking action on securing a sustainable future for our families. Individuals have come forward to leverage their voices in an effort to prepare for a “financial earthquake” in the spirit of Be Ready Utah. Learn more about Financial Ready Utah at

HB138 (2011) Federal Receipts Reporting Requirements: This bill requires all state agencies to disclose annually total federal receipts, the percentage it comprises of their budget, and their contingency plan in the event of a reduction in amount or value of federal funds by 5% or 25%.

Chief Sponsor: Rep. Ken Ivory

Senate Sponsor: Wayne Niederhauser

SB 70 (2013) Federal Funds Commission: This Bill creates a Federal Funds Commission to assess the risk of a reduction in the amount or value of federal funds into the state and how to reduce the dependency of state and local governments on federal funds.

Chief Sponsor: Sen. Deidre Henderson

House Sponsor: Rep. Ken Ivory


SCR7 (2013) Concurrent Resolution to Reduce Utah’s Dependence on Federal Funds: This Resolution details what Erskine Bowles calls “the most predictable economic crisis in history” and calls on Utah, its subdivisions, communities and families to lead out in our state and our nation to provide for greater opportunities for future generations.

Chief Sponsor: Sen. Aaron Osmond

House Sponsor: Rep. Eric Hutchings

SJR7 (2013) Joint Rules Resolution on Revenue Estimates for Federal Funds: This Resolution establishes the legislative procedures for taking into account in the budgeting process the risk of a reduction in the amount or value of federal funds.

Chief Sponsor: Sen. Wayne Harper

House Sponsor: Rep. Brian Greene

SB138 (2013) Amendments to Requirements for Governor’s Proposed Budget: This bill establishes the requirement for taking into account in the Governor’s proposed budget the risk of a reduction in the amount or value of federal funds.

Chief Sponsor: Sen. Wayne Harper

House Sponsor: Rep. Steve Handy

HB195 (2013) Budgetary Procedures Act Revisions: This Bill establishes the Rainy Day Funding criteria to account for the risk of a reduction in the amount or value of federal funds.

Chief Sponsor: Rep. Ken Ivory

Senate Sponsor: Sen. Steve Urqhart

HB205 (2013) Contingency Plans for Political Subdivisions: This Bill extends the contingency planning requirements of HB138 Federal Receipts Reporting Requirements (2011) to political subdivisions.

Chief Sponsor: Rep. Ken Ivory

Senate Sponsor: Sen. Deidre Henderson

SB158 (2013) Municipal General Fund Amendments: This Bill increases the Rainy Day cap for municipalities to deal with contingencies.

Chief Sponsor: Sen. Deidre Henderson

House Sponsor: Rep. John Knotwell


2014 Federal Funds Risk Model RFP:

Federal Funds Risk Modeling Tool:


2015 HJR7 Joint Resolution Calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: This joint resolution of the Legislature calls for an Article V convention to propose a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.

Chief Sponsor: Rep. Kraig Powell

Senate Sponsor: Sen. Curt Bramble


2016 Federal Funds Procedures Act Amendments: This bill establishes and funds a consolidated grants management system.

Chief Sponsor: Rep. Justin Fawson

Senate Sponsor: Sen. Ann Millner


2016 State of Utah Federal Funds Commission Economic Risk Analysis:


2016 HJR8 Joint Resolution Calling for a Convention to the Amend the Constitution o the United States: This resolution calls for a convention of the states limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that (i) impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, (ii) limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and (iii) limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress. Passed the House, failed in the Senate.

Chief Sponsor: Rep. Ken Ivory

Senate Sponsor: Sen. Curt Bramble


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Rep. Ken Ivory

Utah House of Representatives


Convention of States

What if we had the Power …

… to compel the federal government to actually have a budget and balance it?

… to stop the federal government from recklessly indebting the future of our

children and grandchildren?

… to overrule federal laws, rules, regulations and orders that now penalize

almost every aspect of our daily lives?

The fact is … we do!

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Protecting Utah from Dependence on Unsustainable Federal Funds

What would you do if you had reason to believe that one-third of your family income was at risk of going away? Distressingly, this is the situation of most states … including ours.


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Restoring Balance in Government - It's Like Riding a Bike!

Imagine you forgot your bicycle out in a dusty field for many years. When a friend asks if he can ride your bicycle, you tell him where to find it, but that it might need a “little” maintenance before he takes it out for a ride.

Your friend looks your bike over and sees that the whole thing is covered in dust and rust, and that the back tire is completely flat. Undaunted, he takes out his bicycle pump and begins to pump air into the already bloated front tire. He then jumps on the bicycle and starts trying to pedal with reckless abandon.

In this condition, how far do you think your friend will get on your bike? Do you think he would fare any better if he took the road a little to the left, or maybe a little to the right? Maybe a different, stronger rider would make a difference?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? 


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Eradicating Horse Tripping

As a five year old in Fountain Green, Utah, my grandpa had a horse named Clip Clop (seriously, that was his name). Almost every day, I would climb up on the block wall and Clip Clop would come over and let me jump on his bare back. He would walk me around the pasture and bring me back to the wall to get off.

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Imagine this Troubling Scenario


Imagine this troubling scenario:

Serious illness and spiraling medical bills force you into bankruptcy to seek a fresh start. Your adult daughter is living with you because she fled from her violent ex-boyfriend. She obtained a restraining order against him, but he still stalks her at your home. You fear for her safety and yours, but because of your bankruptcy, you lost your ability to protect your daughter and your home.

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Healthcare Freedom is the Answer


Dr. Michael Jennings is a compassionate family physician. Recognizing the rising cost and government burdens on healthcare affecting patients and doctors, Dr. Jennings sought to increase the convenience and reduce the cost and hassle of health care. That’s a good thing, right?

Not everyone thought so. 

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The Fight to End Childhood Sexual Abuse

At 16 years old, Terry Mitchell had no idea that her life was about to be changed forever the day she went jogging in the park with two of her friends. Before their run was over, her friends were murdered; she was shot and left for dead, and then became the star witness in a murder trial.

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