Public Lands Presentation

Public Lands Presentation

Knowledge is power. Invest about 15 minutes to hear the entire presentation. Your children's future is worth the investment.

You will be a more powerful advocate with a greater understanding of how states were created, what solemn promises were made, what recent Supreme Court rulings relate, what excuses are used to maintain the status quo and most importantly, how you can play a critical roll in the solution.

This video is not for everyone, 

just those who believe that western states should enjoy the same benefits as all the other eastern states; adequate education funding, full employment opportunities for wage earners, a larger economic pie for all of us (including eastern states), and the right for state citizens to determine the best use for state lands.

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  • Rachel Parkes Trim
    commented 2015-05-15 16:10:00 -0600
    I want to know the reason behind the desire to sell our public lands. Is it for real estate development? Our state needs regulation overhaul on property investors. I am with represenitive Mike Noel on this issue. I have lived away from Salt Lake for 10 years and have recently moved back. I am disgusted at the monopolization in our valley from real estate investors. Its easy for them to take advantage of our state when the legislatures are either investors themselves or have their hands in the pockets of investors. I have seen home developments that are poorly built on top of each other and the corruptness of property management companies. There is a movement and a feeling of amnimosity among the public. We will be heard!