HB148 Transfer of Public Lands Act (2012)

Based on recent, unanimous U.S. Supreme Court authority, this bill establishes a deadline for the federal government to transfer title to our public lands directly to the state to be managed by a Utah Public Lands Commission (UPLC) to be created under this bill. Under the bill, national parks, congressionally designated wilderness areas and other historic and national heritage sites remain protected and under federal management and the UPLC is charged with managing the multiple use (hunting, fishing, recreation access, grazing, etc.) and the sustained yield of our abundant natural resources. Utah is $2.2 billion below the national average in per pupil education funding and more than 30% of our $13 billion budget is dependent on funds from a fiscally unsustainable federal government. This bill requires that the federal government honor the same promise it made and kept with all states east of Colorado to dispose of the public lands in a timely fashion upon being admitted into the Union


Learn more about the nationwide effort at American Lands Council.

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